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The poetry and writings of

Night Sky

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And I Must Wait
(The circle of life)

And then I stood and faced the east
Enlightenment dawns with infancy
In my arms the baby cries
The ball of red begins to rise . . .

The Lakota legend of The White Buffalo Calf Woman

Many years ago, possibly 2000 years before the White Man invaded North America, the White Buffalo Calf Woman came to visit the Siouan speaking nation of the Lakota . . .  

The Purification

It was my first time in the sweat lodge
I remember the night so well
I was looking for an experience
So to others I could tell
What happens when you're in there . . . 



I have a special private place where I sometimes like to go,
a spot with quiet beauty, where fragrant breezes blow.
A place where I can go and watch the doorway in the sky,
gaze at the stars and gather my thoughts,
while the moonlight makes me high . . . . 

Sunshine always follows the rain . . .