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Well, since you asked . . . WAVEY FACE

In the morning when I awaken
A poem will be filling my head . . .
And before I have my breakfast
I must find some paper instead . . .

For I must write the silly thing down
Before the pressure gets worse . . .
So, I think my life has now started
To be going from bed to verse . . .


The dreary morning made me brood
as clouds arrived to gloom the day,
when in a call that changed the mood,
my grandson chased my blues away.

I still recall those words of youth
as drops rolled down the window pane,
that timely bit of simple truth,
"But grandpa . . . it is ONLY rain!"

A true experience as told to me . . .
written especially for those of us who believe in angels . . .

A Touch of Grace

The white hot light from the dragon's eye
Was entrapping and devouring me
I struggled with all the power I had
Till it relented and set me free

I floated past the ominous face
Of the flat lined E-K-G
And rose above the lifeless form
Of a man who looked like me

Drifting through the liquescent wall
To the adjacent waiting place
Where she sat very quietly
Tears glistening on her face

My arms would not comfort her
I tried but could not speak
Only my hand seemed to have a form
I brushed a tear from her cheek

The dragon's eye above me became
A beautiful familiar form
Her hand on mine felt wonderful
So comforting and so warm

"Welcome back!", she said to me
"I'm so grateful for God's grace
"I knew you would not leave me now
When my angel touched my face"

Be Glad That Your Alive


So, your psyche has been damaged
By some trauma from yesteryear
Life has dealt you a bitter hand
Now you're "crying in your beer"

What do you think was promised
When you were given birth?
The only thing that you deserve
Is interim space upon this earth

Things that happened in the past
Can be dreadful, that is true
But they helped make you who you are
They're a part of why you're you

Try real hard to love yourself
For being joyful that's the key
Start with this very simple prayer
"God, I'm happy to be me"

You must let go of the past
To change your attitude
So try a different formula
A large dose of gratitude

Those old and painful lessons
Will only help you to survive
If you will stop your whining
And just be glad that you're alive

Prince Charming

Before she finds Prince Charming
A frog she'll likely kiss
But a frog will never hurt you
I'll tell my granddaughter this . . .

Behind the dark and empty sky
The shining star still glows
And among the weed and thistle
You can sometimes find a rose

But search the bramble slowly
And try to stay awake
For before you find any roses
You might catch a rattle snake

The Pudge

I walked about five miles today
To try to lose some pudge.
When I got home I said to Pat
"Now you can be the judge,"

"Do I seem to be a bit trimmer
Then I was just yesterday?"
"Not from where I sit", she said,
"But try turning the other way."

"For every ounce you want to lose
You must walk about fifteen more"
"So, If you want to get in shape
I suggest you find the door."

"Well, I ain't walking any more today,"
As I dropped in a chair, I said,
"Before I can take off twenty pounds
I think that I'll be dead!"

I decided that twenty miles a day
Is just pushing it way to far.
So, I went into my secret hiding place
And found me a candy bar.

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